Hobo Hot Pool

By Sierra Smith - February 24, 2021

Lots of people are still not able to physically go in to work and find they have more time on their hands than they'd like. If that's you, why not take advantage of this extra time on your schedule and plan a trip to Saratoga, WY for a few days?

Colder temperatures provide opportunities to enjoy things in a different way than would be experienced in the summer months.......like our natural mineral hot springs. It's situated in town right by the river, is open 24/7 and is free to the public! Some folks have said it's actually more fun in the winter. Imagine soaking outside in this beautiful setting, warmed right down to your bones by the naturally heated water and soothing mineral content. The ice sickles forming in your hair don't bother you a bit as you watch the snow falling gently all around you. After sitting until you just know you have to get out (or you'll you turn into a human raisin), dry off and head back to Roan Hill Guesthouse just 5 minutes away. You'll likely find that you are more relaxed than you've been in a long time! Next step is settling into one of our warm, comfy bathrobes, sitting down beside the cozy gas fireplace and enjoying a hot cup of tea, or maybe a warm Bailey's and coffee!  Naptime, anyone? Sometimes its the simple things in life that provide the more lasting memories.  

We have openings in March and would love to host you. If you haven't yet discovered our beautiful guesthouse, take a minute and read some of our reviews. You'll see that this is indeed a special place. Give us a call and reserve your dates today. We've said it before and will say it again - you're first visit won't be your last!
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